Office Wishlist

8th July 2016

In my 6 month goals post I mentioned we needed to sort an office. This has actually happened a lot faster than I’d anticipated. It gets my goals off to a very good start though! Two trips to Ikea later and many more planned, we kind of have an office in our house (there will be a post when we’re finally happy with it!). It’s now my job…

ebay wishlist – Christening

11th May 2016

My latest eBay wishlist is because I’ve got my neices Christening coming up at the end of May and I’m stuck with what to wear. It’s a day thing but with a do that will probably carry on into the night. I needed an outfit that wasn’t too ‘wedding’ style, but was still dressy and would look nice in pictures. Because that’s what we all hope for isn’t…

Disneyland Lust List #1

14th November 2015
Disneyland Lust List -

For my birthday Chris surprised me with a trip away in December to Disneyland Paris, with my sister! eeeek!ย I’m v v v excited but December means cold weather and cold weather means Layers *insert Shrek onions have layers quote here*. So here is my list of lusts for Disney in December!…

Primark wishlist

1st August 2015

I’m no stranger to a bargain and that’s the reason I love Primark. I absolutely love their new website and the fact you can now see what products they have in the shops. So in favour of the new website here is a quick wishlist of stuff I’m going to keep my eyes open for next time I go shopping. Emoji slippers – ยฃ4 / Black boots –…