Nails of the Week | Illamasqua

13th July 2016
Nails of the Week | Illamasqua

My nails this week were a panic paint (that’s a thing now) when we found out about my brother in laws graduation and I had nothing but black to wear! I didn’t want to look like I was going to an interview or something so I needed some colour. I also found out I own too many pink/red and very dark nail varnishes!…

Holiday Nails

20th June 2016

I’ve been loving all the colours on my holiday nails. Over the past month I’ve had bright colours, grey for pretty much a full week and pastel colours galore. I don’t think I’ve ever kept continuously painting my nails for so many consecutive days because once it chips I usually just get annoyed and either, take it all off or just pick it off and have gross nails…

Nails of the Month: Spring Fever

28th April 2016
Spring Nails -

Excuse the cheesy title, I’m still in the Disney spirit. Also, why is it so hard to get a picture of a hand and make your nails look acceptable at the same time? Even though the weather doesn’t agree I’m loving the Spring trends and colours this year! My nails to match!…