Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your house & You!

1st April 2016

5 simple ways to spring clean you and your house 1. Sort your cupboards & drawers – This could be the ones in your kitchen or just the ones in your bedroom. The ones with everything but what is supposed to be in there. It seems like a chore but youโ€™ll feel so much better afterwards, promise. And don’t forget the colourful flowers! 2. Makeup Swaps – Berry…

What I found clearing out my Make Up Drawer

9th October 2015

So I’m just going to defend myself for a second. The majority of my make up has a lovely home in my drawers downstairs. But does anyone else have stuff from when they moved out of their parents house that they just haven’t had the chance to sort through? Hope that’s not just me. Anyhow, we’ve been sorting our house out since we’ve been back from America aka…