Why I like the new Instagram Stories

8th August 2016
Instagram Stories

Instagram recently did another update. The last one was the silly algorithm that pretty much everyone hates. But this one included the new Instagram Stories thing-y! I’ve seen mixed reviews on it because obviously it’s very much like snapchat but without the filters. Now, I’m partial to a filter that instantly adds makeup or gives me a flower crown. However, I actually really like the new feature on…


15th June 2016

The past few weeks I’ve been very anxious, panicking a lot and not really thinking about all the good things I’ve got going on. I love doing happy posts that make me actually sit and think about what I’ve got going on that make me smile.…

Weekly Roundup #1

9th May 2016
Weekly Roundup

this week on instagram I’ve wanted to do one of theseย Instagram posts but when it comes round I haven’t actually put anything on Instagram haha! I go through love hate phasesย with Instagram but I think I’ve finally found a theme I’m happy with and that’s what has been bugging me for so long. I didn’t want the normal and I managed to make my own, which so far…