5 Guilty Pleasures

29th July 2016

We’ve all got them and let’s just be honest with ourselves. There are some not so guilty pleasures like binge watching a full series of Orange is the new black or having an extra bit of chocolate even when you definitely know you should avoid. I’m not sure I should be sharing these, but at the same time, I’m not really that embarrassed. Let’s be real, they could…

Moany Monday #1

2nd May 2016

Moany Monday is a place for me to ramble and rant about things that annoy me or pet peeves. Not too deep & not too serious. Just somewhere for me to get them out there and then get over them. I hope you laugh and don’t take them too seriously, maybe you might just agree!…

My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup

27th April 2016

The idea from this post came from Buy Now Blog Later. When I read her post I literally laughed out loud, like actually LOL’d. It’s simple – list out a series of beauty products and then sit back and listen to the perception of their purpose. Or in our case, I’ll let him fill it in himself, I won’t comment and won’t help in any way. Chris has…