Poolside Essentials

13th June 2016
Poolside Essentials

I feel like a right lady of leisure at the moment with all this swanning around I seem to be doing. But being pale, I’ve got to prepare to not burn! So I thought I’d share with you my simple poolside essentials and get some tips from everyone as well.…

Day to Night | Adding Accessories

8th June 2016

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll have seen my outfit post from when we stayed in the amazing castle! I find it hard when travelling to pack light (you’ll know that from this post!), and since our Eurotrip is a slightly different to your average holiday, day to night outfits are a must! I need the simplicity of having an outfit during the boiling hot…

Disneyland Lust List #1

14th November 2015
Disneyland Lust List -

For my birthday Chris surprised me with a trip away in December to Disneyland Paris, with my sister! eeeek!ย I’m v v v excited but December means cold weather and cold weather means Layers *insert Shrek onions have layers quote here*. So here is my list of lusts for Disney in December!…