Holiday Nails

20th June 2016

I’ve been loving all the colours on my holiday nails. Over the past month I’ve had bright colours, grey for pretty much a full week and pastel colours galore. I don’t think I’ve ever kept continuously painting my nails for so many consecutive days because once it chips I usually just get annoyed and either, take it all off or just pick it off and have gross nails…

Poolside Essentials

13th June 2016
Poolside Essentials

I feel like a right lady of leisure at the moment with all this swanning around I seem to be doing. But being pale, I’ve got to prepare to not burn! So I thought I’d share with you my simple poolside essentials and get some tips from everyone as well.…

My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup

27th April 2016

The idea from this post came from Buy Now Blog Later. When I read her post I literally laughed out loud, like actually LOL’d. It’s simple – list out a series of beauty products and then sit back and listen to the perception of their purpose. Or in our case, I’ll let him fill it in himself, I won’t comment and won’t help in any way. Chris has…

Primark Brow Kit Review

12th March 2016

Throwing it out there, my brows are sisters not twins. On a previous post I actually said I was at the awkward growing out stage of my eyebrows, which turns out it was actually around 9 months ago! I’m a lot happier with them, but we’re still working on being pals. That’s where this brow kit comes in. Let’s just say I’m shocked. I’m never one to spend…