Ebay Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

22nd June 2016

A while back the blogging world went a little bit crazy for the Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaner. A sort of rubber glove with different textures to thoroughly clean your brushes, with minimal effort. I then saw bloggers finding dupes like an oven glove from IKEA (genius) but I never got round to buying one. Eventually I bought one from eBay, a 99p bargain, although a little smaller than…

Primark Brow Kit Review

12th March 2016

Throwing it out there, my brows are sisters not twins. On a previous post I actually said I was at the awkward growing out stage of my eyebrows, which turns out it was actually around 9 months ago! I’m a lot happier with them, but we’re still working on being pals. That’s where this brow kit comes in. Let’s just say I’m shocked. I’m never one to spend…