Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your house & You!

1st April 2016

5 simple ways to spring clean you and your house 1. Sort your cupboards & drawers – This could be the ones in your kitchen or just the ones in your bedroom. The ones with everything but what is supposed to be in there. It seems like a chore but youโ€™ll feel so much better afterwards, promise. And don’t forget the colourful flowers! 2. Makeup Swaps – Berry…

In April I’ve Been…

1st May 2015

Loving โ€“ 2 things, Primarks liquid eyeliner and Benefits Roller Lash. The best combo. Hating โ€“ The weather, just be warm already. Watching โ€“ All the Fast & Furious films, I gave in after 5 years of Chris plaguing me to watch them. I wish I’d done it sooner, so good. Eating โ€“ My cookies :D. Check out the recipe here Drinking โ€“ Water, boring I know but…