Our Custom Disney Ears

1st June 2016

I’m a disney fanatic. Always have been, but the past few years I’ve taken it up a notch. When I was younger I never went to any Disney parks, I was one of those kids who didn’t actually know they existed. Probably for the best because I definitely would have annoyed my parents to go every week. I went for my first time in 2010 with college and…

We stayed in a Castle!

27th May 2016
Le Manoir de Beaumarchais

I’d had my eye on Le Manoir de Beaumarchais for a while now, after spotting it as a hotel close to Disneyland. When Chris decided last minute that we were going on a eurotrip, I agreed, but only if we stayed here. I’m quite clearly easily pleased. After a day at Disney, imagine driving up to this view! It’s literally a castle. I felt like I was in…

5 places I’d rather be right now

4th May 2016
Bora Bora -

Seing as I’m stuck in lovely rainy, hailstoney, snowy, can’t make it’s mind up what season it is England; why not have a bit of wanderlust? I am forever looking at where we should travel to next and constantly add places and things to the list. I’m a massive home bird but love to travel so really I’m a massive contradiction. I love the freedom of travel, the…

Throwback – #SummerLove

15th February 2016

Does anyone else have the struggle ofย needingย a holiday whenever it’s cold in the UK? With all these storms hitting us hard, it makes me want some sun even more. I like looking at snow don’t get me wrong, but call me a scrooge, I hate cold feet! I love a holiday and love new adventures! I’m missing the excitement of waking up and doing something new every single…