Berry Lip

This years go-to Berry Lip

Usually I’m so much of a heavy coverage, winged eyeliner kinda girl. I’ve really been enjoying the no make-up make-up. It saves me time which is a bonus. Only like 10 minutes but that’s a solid extra 10 minutes in bed for me 😏

I’ve been going a lot lighter with my foundation to try and give my face a little break from such high coverage. My brows are unruly and I’ve just been filling them in slightly and then using the H&M Eyebrow Fix which I have raved about numerous times before. They have changed the packaging at least 3 times since I started using it though.

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Dog Christmas Outfits
The Dogs


I honesty don’t need an excuse to take pictures of my dogs or put them in a cute outfit. Luckily for me they quite like cozying up in a jumper so I take most opportunities to. And I’m pretty snap happy when I do.

Since we moved back in the Summer they’ve been pretty chilled pooches and have been loving the fact they have now got what is basically a field to them outside. But because they’re only little dogs and part Chihuahua too, they really feel the cold. Which obviously means they’ve got to wear little knitted jumpers even just to go out in the garden.

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Food, Recipe

Winter Comfort Food | Easy Mince Pie

I must admit I’m a sucker for comfort food at any time of the year. It’s just around winter when it gets dark earlier and you’ve got to cosy up it seems so much more fitting.

Simple Comfort Food is the best in my opinion. No perfect measurements and when you just wack it all together at the end is my idea of an ideal recipe!

Winter Comfort Food | Easy Mince Pie
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Fancy seeing you here..

So last time you saw me round here, I’d written a pretty heavy post. Since then it’s been a busy ol’ time in my life! October last year marked Chris & I buying our first house together. We’d bought a house back in 2011 but that technically just Chris’ and now we can finally say this ones ours!

New House!

It’s not been quite that easy though; as the past 9 or so months we’ve been building, renovating & making our dream forever home! I can quite happily say that it’s all been worth it. Now that I’m writing this from my warm bed in my warm house with plugs that I can switch on and off & a floors that you can’t fall through anymore.

Kind of unfortunately for us it’s not been the easiest process, which I’ll probably go into a bit more in a future post. But although there’s been no actual tears, believe me we’ve both been very close. It’s been a trying old time and not to get too soppy but it’s definitely made us stronger. Apparently moving house is meant to be one of the most stressful things to do. Whoever said that clearly had never been on a building site with a 3 walled house in the peak of winter!

New House!

I’m looking forward to sharing some of our before & after pictures once we’re fully settled in and pinterest worthy 🙄 i wish. For now though, it feels lovely to be back posting. Getting back into the swing of things & properly being on my blog again! Also, if you want to be really keen, we vlogged all about it here!

For now though, how’ve you been?


My 24th Birthday / Closure & being thankful

So today, the 8th November 2016 is my 24th birthday. A birthday I’m always going to remember.

For the longest time I’ve had something hanging over my head and it’s finally gone.

The man coward who did the worst thing he could possibly do to anyone has finally gone. 2 weeks ago I found out I can finally stop looking over my shoulder and this year is going to be the best one yet!