Blogmas Day One – Travelling

blogmas - Day one -

So I’m officially signed up for Blogmas! You’ll have a post from me every day upto and including Christmas day, so be excited.

As you’re reading this, I’m heading to Disneyland Paris for a week with Chris and my sister! When we went last year it made me 100 times more exciting for Christmas, it’s honestly so magical!

Posts during blogmas are going to be a mixture of everything, and there should be a little button on the side which will let you see all my posts in Blogmas too!

Disneyland Lust List -

Disneyland Lust List #1

For my birthday Chris surprised me with a trip away in December to Disneyland Paris, with my sister! eeeek! I’m v v v excited but December means cold weather and cold weather means Layers *insert Shrek onions have layers quote here*.
So here is my list of lusts for Disney in December!

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What I found clearing out my Make Up Drawer

So I’m just going to defend myself for a second. The majority of my make up has a lovely home in my drawers downstairs. But does anyone else have stuff from when they moved out of their parents house that they just haven’t had the chance to sort through? Hope that’s not just me.

Anyhow, we’ve been sorting our house out since we’ve been back from America aka sorting our lives out. And it comes time to sort the drawer with all my make up in, great. I learnt 2 things, one being I didn’t realise I had worn make up for so long and the second, I need to sort my make up more regularly, oops.

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