I honesty don’t need an excuse to take pictures of my dogs or put them in a cute outfit. Luckily for me they quite like cozying up in a jumper so I take most opportunities to. And I’m pretty snap happy when I do.

Since we moved back in the Summer they’ve been pretty chilled pooches and have been loving the fact they have now got what is basically a field to them outside. But because they’re only little dogs and part Chihuahua too, they really feel the cold. Which obviously means they’ve got to wear little knitted jumpers even just to go out in the garden.

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First off, I want to give an immediate high five to Petshop.co.uk. The package was actually addressed to my dogs, Olly & Izzy. This for me gets a straight 5 points because little things like that please me no end. Not that they care, but I do!

I’m not sure if Olly knew what it was; but from the moment the postman delivered this he was swarming me and kept circling around me, I’m guessing it smelt of all the good stuff inside (for him, not me, no thanks!). Either that, or I’ve found myself a psychic dog.

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I was gifted these items by Petshop.co.uk in return for this blog post. All views are my own and completely honest. You can read my disclaimer here


Today it’s the dogs turn for a blog feauture! Rocking their Christmas Outfits for this year, or more Christmas accessories. When I was looking for outfits in TK Maxx I spotted these for only £3.99 each, so I grabbed them. Olly isn’t a fan of wearing the antlers but Izzy loves them, and I do because they flash! Olly’s little elf tie is the sweetest thing ever, how cute!

Do you dress you pets up for Christmas or am I just a crazy lady?