Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

4th July 2016

I’m definitely not the only one who managed to grab the new Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil free in Elle Magazine. The difference is, I was out of the country so had to get my sister to frantically check all the shops back home to pick it up for me! I knew there was 2 colours, number 6 & number 2, and I wasn’t entirely sure which one…

Ebay Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

22nd June 2016

A while back the blogging world went a little bit crazy for the Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaner. A sort of rubber glove with different textures to thoroughly clean your brushes, with minimal effort. I then saw bloggers finding dupes like an oven glove from IKEA (genius) but I never got round to buying one. Eventually I bought one from eBay, a 99p bargain, although a little smaller than…

3 Must do Things in Port de Pollenca/Mallorca

10th June 2016

In Mallorca we had the perfect base for exploring. Our week consisted of the perfect mix of relaxing in our Villa & driving out and seeing what we could find. We did a tiny bit of research but tended to just drive out and see what we stumbled across. In my opinion to fully enjoy a mixture of things in Mallorca/Port de Pollenca area you need a car.…

Our Travelopo Villa in Mallorca | Cuxach

6th June 2016
Mallorca Villa | Travelopo

Travelopo kindly hosted us in a villa in Pollenรงa, Mallorca. After a week of full blown travelling, driving & lots of exploring; a relaxed week was more than welcome. Our ferry from Barcelona docked up at 5:30am and although we weren’t supposed to check in until 3 o’clock that afternoon, the lovely people over at Travelopo let us get our keys as soon as we arrived. The nap…

Bargain Spring/Summer Primark Scent

3rd June 2016
Primark Perfume - Spring/Summer Scent

Let’s set the scene. I’m walking around Primark, looking to spend money on things I probably don’t need but really want. Everyone does this in Primark right? Anyway, I stumble upon the beauty section. The bit with all the other bits and bobs too (including a usb fan which I may have also bought), when I spotted the perfume section. Now, admittedly I have had a Primark perfume…