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Saving Face – Basic Skincare Routine | Dry Skin

It’s no secret that I have dry skin. I’ve mentioned it before and it’s a constant struggle in my Skincare Routine between putting moisture into my face but not too much as my skin is very spot prone. Daily struggles ey.

I don’t think it helps that when it comes to skincare that I’m pretty lazy and tend to grab for my trusty face wipes than to actually clean and cleanse my face. Let’s be honest I don’t help myself.


Instagram Stories
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Why I like the new Instagram Stories

Instagram recently did another update. The last one was the silly algorithm that pretty much everyone hates. But this one included the new Instagram Stories thing-y!

I’ve seen mixed reviews on it because obviously it’s very much like snapchat but without the filters. Now, I’m partial to a filter that instantly adds makeup or gives me a flower crown. However, I actually really like the new feature on Instagram!

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Revolution Brushes
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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes

I can’t believe I’m only just getting around to writing this post. I’ve had the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes since my birthday last November! I guess you could say I’ve given them a proper test, considering I’ve had them just short of a year!

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Reviews, The Dogs Review

First off, I want to give an immediate high five to The package was actually addressed to my dogs, Olly & Izzy. This for me gets a straight 5 points because little things like that please me no end. Not that they care, but I do!

I’m not sure if Olly knew what it was; but from the moment the postman delivered this he was swarming me and kept circling around me, I’m guessing it smelt of all the good stuff inside (for him, not me, no thanks!). Either that, or I’ve found myself a psychic dog. ReviewRead more

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My Top 3 – Herbal & Green Tea

My love for herbal and green teas has completely grown since the beginning of the year when I started eating better and having a generally healthier lifestyle. At first I started with the generic green tea and like everyone had told me it’s ‘got an acquired taste’. Then I discovered the world of flavoured ones! This stuff does wonders for my sleeping and energy but also my skin got so amazing within a week of starting drinking them!

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