Seing as I’m stuck in lovely rainy, hailstoney, snowy, can’t make it’s mind up what season it is England; why not have a bit of wanderlust? I am forever looking at where we should travel to next and constantly add places and things to the list. I’m a massive home bird but love to travel so really I’m a massive contradiction. I love the freedom of travel, the fact it changes your perspective on things and lets you meet people from all walks of life. Check out our America Road Trip Vlogs on our Youtube Channel, this was by far my favourite trip and hopefully we will be checking out more places in USA in the future. But for now lets just look at pretty places and wish we were all there!
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Moany Monday is a place for me to ramble and rant about things that annoy me or pet peeves. Not too deep & not too serious. Just somewhere for me to get them out there and then get over them. I hope you laugh and don’t take them too seriously, maybe you might just agree!

Moany Monday #1 -

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Spring Clean -

5 simple ways to spring clean you and your house

1. Sort your cupboards & drawers – This could be the ones in your kitchen or just the ones in your bedroom. The ones with everything but what is supposed to be in there. It seems like a chore but you’ll feel so much better afterwards, promise. And don’t forget the colourful flowers!

2. Makeup Swaps – Berry tones need to go to the back of the drawer although it pains me to say (they may sneak back out). Outcome the peachy blush and more dewy, fresh make up.

3. Your Wardrobe – Remember that top that you’ve been clinging on too? The one you told yourself you’d get rid of but save for emergencies? GET RID! I recently went through my wardrobe and got rid of far too many clothes that I was keeping hold of ‘just incase’ or ‘just because’. My wardrobe is so much more organised now, let alone compact

4. Clothes – Although in the UK at times we do still need our winter coats, ditch the hefty clothes and try and bring in a pop of colour!

5. Skincare – Your skin changes in the winter to spring transition. I’ve opted for just simple coconut oil for everything. I love putting a layer on as a face mask, washing it off after 10 minutes but leaving a tiny bit on as moisturiser.

Have you got any other tips?


5 happy things march 2016 -



We’re off to Disneyland Paris next week, Rapunzel is out doing meet & greets, we’re going to the Wild West Show & we’re getting Annual Passes. It’s fair to say I’m very excited! Follow me on Instagram I will more than likely be spamming over there.



My house is full of flowers, the spring clothes are out, the weather is getting slightly better & the nights are lighter ❤️.
There is a downside, hayfever has hit me. But we don’t need to talk about that.

??60 days in


If you’ve not heard of this, google it and watch the trailer. It’s basically about 7 people going into a prison and only the Volunteers, the Sheriff and one other person know about it. They go in to find out what’s wrong with the system and in particular, this jail. It’s filled the Breaking Bad void, didn’t think that would ever happen. Watch it & Thank me later.

?Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary


Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we got married! Although I was very stressed this time 3 years ago, I’d do it all over again!

?Finally getting a foundation that matches properly


I finally got matched up in Mac & it turns out I’m the palest shade. I got a tester and when I went back to buy the full size the lady asked if I was “sure with the colour as it’s very pale”. Yes I’m aware that I’m practically see-through, yes I’m okay with it. No more blending until my arm falls off!