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In January I’ve Been…

january favourites

Loving – My new hair! I’m so so happy I got it cut, Especially this winter I’d found myself just chucking it up because it was in such bad condition and took far too long to style and I just couldn’t be bothered with it. Now I’m obsessed, it just needs a bit of a straighten, a jush and I’m good to go!

Hating – My dry skin. It’s always dry but recently ergh, I just can’t seem to get it to be moisturised at all, and now I have started to break out and that’s a whole new battle.

Watching – Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons. Absolute guilty pleasure!

Eating – I’ve really enjoyed cooking recently, we made this garlic and herb chicken the other day, with goose fat roasties and gravy, it was unbelievable!

Drinking – Arizona White Tea! I’m not gonna lie, I just bought this because it’s from America haha, but it’s genuinely gorgeous. Plus it’s only 89p in Home Bargains.

Lusting – Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes. OH MY! I need these brushes in my life. I can’t decide which one I want the most but the rose gold is so pretty! I want them all!

What have you been loving this January?



After dip-dyeing my hair purple myself because i wanted something different but had spent so long growing it, i finally took the plunge and got my hair completely changed!
I don’t think I’ve ever had such a dramatic hair difference ever!
Let me know your opinions!

Five Easy DIY Hairstyles For Fall

Every girl dreads waking up, styling her hair and then leaving the house for it to start raining and being windy and just simply ruining all her hard work!
Updo’s and styles are certainly a must have for this weather, so i’ve scoured pinterest for my top 5!
These are my top five hairstyles to try this fall! Which ones your favourite?

Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

I’m not crazy on hair masks and taking major care of my hair (I’m sorry). I tend to just wash it, and I always use heat protectant, my hair tends to be in pretty good condition. However, since i dyed the ends purple, I have had crazy split ends and my frizziness has got out of control. Booooo!
I saw this hair mask in home bargains and thought for £1.89, i couldn’t really go wrong!
I don’t have a complete before photo, but if you follow me on instagram, you can see my hair is horrible and frizzy :(. Since dying it, I have tried not to over-use heat by letting it air dry and not always straightening it etc.
This is the sort of before photo, freshly washed hair.
 I put the argan oil mask on, following instructions, and paying special attention to my trouble areas. ie. my split ends. I popped it in a towel, left it for roughly 15 minutes and then rinsed it out.
I then let it air dry overnight.
In all honesty, I don’t think I will be buying this product again.
My hair feels clogged with product even though I made extra sure I had washed it all out, and if anything, my hair feels frizzier and very, very knotty.
It’s a shame as I use the shampoo and conditioner of the same range and absolutely swear by them.
Has anyone else used this and had a different experience?
What’s the best hair treatment you have used?