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The Gooiest Cookies Ever! – Recipe

The very best gooey cookies recipe
If you ever need to just have some me time or you want to do some simple baking these are the perfect solution!
Most of the ingredients are usually in any household and they can be made in under half an hour. I absolutely love making these and eating them so give them a go and let me know what you think. Printable too!

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In February I’ve Been…

collageLoving – EOS Blueberry Acai. Absolute lifesaver for my chapped lips.

Hating – Flu. I’ve been so poorly this month, hense the lack of blog posts, sorry!

Watching – Pitch Perfect on repeat! I’ve watched this at least 5 times this month, it instantly makes me happy. Think I may be a bit obsessed though as I know it word by word.

Eating – Cheese and Onion toasties, comfort food.

Drinking – Too much Pepsi Max, forgive me I’m ill.

Lusting – Nars Cruella lip pencil. I know everyone’s been going on about this but just *hearts eyes emoji*

What have you been loving this February?

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In January I’ve Been…

january favourites

Loving – My new hair! I’m so so happy I got it cut, Especially this winter I’d found myself just chucking it up because it was in such bad condition and took far too long to style and I just couldn’t be bothered with it. Now I’m obsessed, it just needs a bit of a straighten, a jush and I’m good to go!

Hating – My dry skin. It’s always dry but recently ergh, I just can’t seem to get it to be moisturised at all, and now I have started to break out and that’s a whole new battle.

Watching – Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons. Absolute guilty pleasure!

Eating – I’ve really enjoyed cooking recently, we made this garlic and herb chicken the other day, with goose fat roasties and gravy, it was unbelievable!

Drinking – Arizona White Tea! I’m not gonna lie, I just bought this because it’s from America haha, but it’s genuinely gorgeous. Plus it’s only 89p in Home Bargains.

Lusting – Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes. OH MY! I need these brushes in my life. I can’t decide which one I want the most but the rose gold is so pretty! I want them all!

What have you been loving this January?

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Rainy Days…

So as Autumn has arrived (at least where I live anyhow) I can’t help but get excited for the cosy nights ahead!
In my opinion you can’t beat popping your slippers on,

mine being the absolute cutest giraffe slip-ons
Lighting some yummy smelling candles
 And snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate
Then pop on a film and total bliss!
Another thing I have been doing a lot more of recently is moisturising my hands. This kind of weather is not cold enough to warrant wearing gloves, but still harsh enough to dry out my hands.
I got this hand lotion in a box set last year for Christmas and I have found a new love in my life. It smells utterly amazing!
I’m starting to run out, so was having a gander to check where it was from, I found it’s only from Tesco, so I can’t see it being overly expensive at all. Here’s to hoping they still have it!
What do you like to do on these chilly evenings?