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It’s January and whilst everyone is going to the gym and eating only salads I’m just trying to lose weight and eat more! Make sense?

Well apparently, scientifically if you don’t eat enough it can actually have the same effect on your body as eating too much! Who knew?!

I downloaded the My fitness pal app, like so many other people and I’m attempting to eat more healthily. Eating fruit and veg and actually cooking from scratch. My calorie target I’ve still not reached on any day even though I’ve been constantly full. Good thing? Bad thing?

I’m going to (hopefully) be doing a regular What I Ate This Week post, not only to keep me motivated but also as a way to “save” recipes. I am meal planning for the week, as in Monday to Friday, meaning I have a bit of lee way when it comes to still having a life (LOL)Read more

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Ultimate ebay Outlet List

It’s definitely not a secret that I love a bargain buy.
No matter what I’m looking for I tend to always double check ebay for anything at all.

The Ultimate List of ebay outlets -
Retailers use “ebay outlet’s” as another platform to sell on things that aren’t suitable for their stores. Products could be discontinued, last season stock, ex-display or they can also be returned items.
Some things are also stock that has never made it to the shelf so are exclusive to the outlet.

You’re not always going to get a bargain with an ebay outlet which is why I always use it double check rather than always being my first port of call.

So I’ve compiled a list of all the eBay outlet stores that I know of in a handy Alphabetically sorted list!Read more

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In May I’ve Been…

May Favourites -

Loving – Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep Brown, review soon!

Hating – Hayfever. ’nuff said.

Watching – BGT! And I’m so happy with the winner. There’s a little video here if you don’t know what I’m on about.

Eating – McCains sweet potato fries, are these as healthy as I like to think they are?

Drinking – Water, again. I’m starting to like it!

Lusting – This cup, I need it in my life!

What have you been loving in May?

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In April I’ve Been…

april favouritesLoving – 2 things, Primarks liquid eyeliner and Benefits Roller Lash. The best combo.

Hating – The weather, just be warm already.

Watching – All the Fast & Furious films, I gave in after 5 years of Chris plaguing me to watch them. I wish I’d done it sooner, so good.

Eating – My cookies :D. Check out the recipe here

Drinking – Water, boring I know but I’m trying to be on a health kick and it’s done wonders for my skin!

Lusting – These Primark sandals/heels. I’ve just not got round to buying them yet.

What have you been loving in April?