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In May I’ve Been…

May Favourites -

Loving – Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep Brown, review soon!

Hating – Hayfever. ’nuff said.

Watching – BGT! And I’m so happy with the winner. There’s a little video here if you don’t know what I’m on about.

Eating – McCains sweet potato fries, are these as healthy as I like to think they are?

Drinking – Water, again. I’m starting to like it!

Lusting – This cup, I need it in my life!

What have you been loving in May?


What I found in the Primark Sale

I can’t be the only blogger that feels the need to take photos or swatch something I’ve bought before I wear or use it, or am I?

We popped to the Metrocentre last week and I initially went in looking for a pair of shoes/sandals, the ones I popped here. But with no luck, and I’m going to search my local Primark for them. Also, it’s 2015 why can’t I order from primark online?!

Anyway, whilst we were there I scoured around for some clothes and to be honest nothing crazy jumped out at me, also the Primark in the Metro makes me so claustraphobic it’s unreal! It wasn’t even a weekend! I pulled out a few things from their sale which was pretty big but only ended up getting these 3 things, but I’m very happy with what I got!
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In April I’ve Been…

april favouritesLoving – 2 things, Primarks liquid eyeliner and Benefits Roller Lash. The best combo.

Hating – The weather, just be warm already.

Watching – All the Fast & Furious films, I gave in after 5 years of Chris plaguing me to watch them. I wish I’d done it sooner, so good.

Eating – My cookies :D. Check out the recipe here

Drinking – Water, boring I know but I’m trying to be on a health kick and it’s done wonders for my skin!

Lusting – These Primark sandals/heels. I’ve just not got round to buying them yet.

What have you been loving in April?

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IMG_1951As you can probably tell this picture was taken towards then end of the night hence the awful lighting but hey ho what can you do?!
IMG_1171This was my outfit for my best friends birthday party. My dress was a last minute buy from Asda! The collar is gorgeous, it’s crochet and has pearly beads in it too. My shoes I’ve had for a while. I bought them for £10 in the sale at garage, they are so comfy I could honestly walk round all day in them. I was a bit gutted it was too cold not to wear tights but I will be wearing this dress all spring/summer guaranteed.