Ultimate ebay Outlet List

8th August 2015

It’s definitely not a secret that I love a bargain buy. No matter what I’m looking for I tend to always double check ebay for anything at all. Retailers use “ebay outlet’s” as another platform to sell on things that aren’t suitable for their stores. Products could be discontinued, last season stock, ex-display or they can also be returned items. Some things are also stock that has never…

Primark wishlist

1st August 2015

I’m no stranger to a bargain and that’s the reason I love Primark. I absolutely love their new website and the fact you can now see what products they have in the shops. So in favour of the new website here is a quick wishlist of stuff I’m going to keep my eyes open for next time I go shopping. Emoji slippers – ยฃ4 / Black boots –…

When you feel pretty, take selfies

5th July 2015

I’m all for girls with body confidence, self confidence and just all round confidence. Unfortunately I’m not one of those. I’m the kind of girl that if I like a selfie that I’ve taken it goes everywhere I need a profile picture, just me? Ignore Chris in the background with his silly vest top tan (clearly sunburn..) but we sat down to film a YouTube video and I…