The Creative Blogger Award

The lovely Chloe Danielle nominated me for this so thank you! 🙂 You should also check out her new YouTube channel.

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This is how it works:

•Thank the person who nominated you and add their blog link
•Share 5 facts about yourself
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1: I love travelling, but my favourites always involve road trips
2: I have two pups, you can read about them here, they’re cute
3: I’m married, and have been since I was 20
4: I’m quite possibly the palest person you’ll ever meet. My skin may as well be transparent
5: I have the weirdest sense of humour

I nominate:
#Just Alice
Allegra Sarah
Aim in the Game
Haul & Dupes
Cat Print Paws


1000+ Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts!

Blog Post IdeasRecently I had to take a bit of a break from blogging, due to personal problems (see here). And because of this when I was trying to get back into the swing of it I kind of found myself half writing posts and not really knowing where to go with them, and I was a bit out of the loop. Pinterest was my BEST friend.

It wasn’t so much bloggers block, it was more lack of inspiration. I decided to scour Pinterest for lists, prompts or just general blog posts on a bit of whim. I found alot. Not that I’m surprised because lets be honest, it’s Pinterest.

Anyway, I decided to put together the best Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts in a long list; not just for myself to refer back to, but for you to save, bookmark and to help you, so enjoy!

50 Blog Post Ideas –

51 Types of Blog Posts to Help Grow Your Audience –

25 Blog Post Ideas For The Uninspired –

25 Writing Prompts –

Beauty + Blogging: 50 Blog Post Ideas –

50 Content Ideas –

Writing Prompts For Bloggers And People Who Love To Write –

Post Ideas for the Stumped Blogger –

50 Ideas for Blog Posts –

The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas –

I hope these come in handy, and don’t forget to save for future blanks 🙂

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Twitter Chats

One of the best ways to get to know other bloggers and find new blogs is the weekly twitter chats. Themed hours about certain subjects and themes. Alot of the time these are hosted by different bloggers about specific topics and questions, other times it’s just general chit chat. There are alot to keep up with and it’s very easy to get confused so here’s a list of all the relevant chats I know of. I’ve added links straight through to make sure you can jump right over.

#fbloggers (fashion bloggers) – 7-8pm – For fashion bloggers.
#bdib (bloggersdoitbetter) – 7-8pm – For all types of bloggers.

#fblchat – 8-9pm – For fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.
#bloghour – 9-10pm – Anything and everything, usually a specific topic.

#lbloggers – 7-8pm –  For lifestyle bloggers.
#bbloggers – 8-9pm –  For beauty bloggers.

#crazybloggers – 7-8pm – Anything and everything.
#fbloggers – 8-9pm – For fashion bloggers.

#gbloggers (gorgeous bloggers) – 7-8pm – A chat for all bloggers
#bdib – 8-9pm – For all types of bloggers.

#socialbloggers – 6-7pm – All kinds of bloggers.

#lbloggers – 7-8pm – For lifestyle bloggers.
#blogchat – 8-9pm – Anything and everything, usually a specific topic with questions.
#bbloggers – 8-9pm – For beauty bloggers.

Do you join in with any of these twitter chats? Don’t forget to pop over and follow me.

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Procrastination Beauty Blogger Tag

Name a beauty regime that you rarely do.
Probably lip scrubs, i really should though

How long will you last with chipped nails?
Too long! I kind of just repaint and repair, oops

How long will you put off buying/replacing a makeup product even if you need it?
Normally I will buy a product before it runs out, or I will have a back up.

What is your worst beauty habit?
Not washing my make-up off, I’m a lot better now, but I still have my days. Or biting off my nail varnish

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Washing my hair, doing my hair or tidying
When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to last minute? I try not to but I can’t deny I’d rather spend 5 more minutes in bed

Can you commit to spending bans?
I can honestly say I don’t need to 😀

How organised are your makeup and nail varnish collections?
My makeup yes, my nail varnish nooooope, it’s kind of just chucked in a bag and I get really annoyed every time I need a certain colour. So if anyone has any ideas of how to organise nail varnishes let me know!

I tag everyone that’s read this 🙂 if you do complete it, pop a link to it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to come check it out


Liebster Award Nominations

I was nominated for this award by the gorgeous girlies Molly & Aimee, so thank you!

From what I have read the ‘Liebster Award’ is to raise awareness for the smaller bloggers and to get to know new bloggers in the community! 

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