It seems like every woman and her dog has started a bullet journal this year!

Planning & Scrapbooking is something I’ve always had an interest in but bullet journalling pretty much combines the two, kind of.

I’ve been wanting to start a one for a while now, and even though I’ve still not committed to a £10 notepad.

In the meantime I’m just drooling over planner instagrammers & pinterest posts.

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Instagram recently did another update. The last one was the silly algorithm that pretty much everyone hates. But this one included the new Instagram Stories thing-y!

I’ve seen mixed reviews on it because obviously it’s very much like snapchat but without the filters. Now, I’m partial to a filter that instantly adds makeup or gives me a flower crown. However, I actually really like the new feature on Instagram!

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In my 6 month goals post I mentioned we needed to sort an office. This has actually happened a lot faster than I’d anticipated. It gets my goals off to a very good start though! Two trips to Ikea later and many more planned, we kind of have an office in our house (there will be a post when we’re finally happy with it!). It’s now my job to make it actually work as an office and not just a room with desks in. I’ve put together a wishlist in the hope I’ll actually manage to grab some of the bits off it in the next couple of weeks!

There are things on here for both myself and Chris, so bare that in mind haha! I’d love the office to be a quirky and fun work place and not just blank and boring. I got some Alex Drawers from Ikea as my desk is also going to be my dressing table. I’m not sure how I’m going to organise my makeup in them so ideas would be more than welcome!

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Along with all the “usual” youtubers I watch, I love finding new channels. I go through fazes of not watching a certain channel, however I know to never unsubscribe because I’ll always end up back there binge-watching videos.

Youtube - Currently Watching -
These are a few of my favourites at the moment, but please let me know if you think there are any that I’m missing out on! I’m hoping to make this a series for when I find new youtubers or fall into the black hole we all know about.


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You’ll notice a theme with all of these channels, they all weekly vlog. I love Jess’ channel, her weekly vlogs have become a highlight to my week! (cringe). There’s something homely about her accent and the way she chats, but you’ve got to check out her other videos too. I love the relaxed feel she has in all of her videos. Also, who can beat a bit of Car-eoke?! Such an underrated channel.

Rosanna Pierce

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I wish I could do make up as well as Rosie! She is insane, and I think I pretty much always try a look from her. She is my go to at the moment for make-up looks. But I think my favourite videos are her weekly vlogs. They’re chatty and chilled, it’s like you’re listening to a friend and I think they’re the best kind of videos!

Miss Budget Beauty

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I presume by now everyone knows who Mikhila is, and if you don’t you’re missing out. Her main channel is reviews, get ready with me videos and hauls. She’s totally honest about products, if she doesn’t like them you’re not left in “the oh it wasn’t good but it might be a one off” limbo you can be with other youtubers. She puts products to the test fully! But once again, I love her weekly vlogs on Diary Of A Spendaholic. They’re family vlogs just following day to day life, and lifestyle style vlogs! Love them.

Are there any youtubers you love but people don’t know about? Let me know!


Cosy Sundays are the best. Chilling on the sofa, blanket on, coffee in my favourite cup and a good tv show. Almost every day this month has felt the same, not that I’m complaining.

January Monthly Recap -

We’ve binge watched Making A Murderer this month, like most other people. What’s your opinions? I could have a full on discussion on the subject. I went through all the emotions, and now there’s even more coming out on the subject. Did they? Didn’t they? Uh, I hate not 100% knowing the truth!

From a recommendation of a friend we’ve now started on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which you’ll enjoy if you’re a Big Bang Theory fan. It’s got Danny DeVito in too, so you know it’s going to be good. Nothing has quite filled the Breaking Bad shaped void in my life though, help. I’m even tempted to rewatch it because I’m still unsure what to do with myself and it’s easily been six months since I’ve seen it.

January Monthly Recap -

If you keep up with my blog regularly, you’ll know that last month we had to get a new sofa. (why does everything seem to go wrong at Christmas?!) Well this month I got a throw for the sofa and an almost identical dog bed for Olly & Izzy. Is that weird, I’m trying to tell myself it’s not. The dogs are obsessed with their new bed too.

What’s been the highlight of your January?