Usually I’m so much of a heavy coverage, winged eyeliner kinda girl. I’ve really been enjoying the no make-up make-up. It saves me time which is a bonus. Only like 10 minutes but that’s a solid extra 10 minutes in bed for me 😏

I’ve been going a lot lighter with my foundation to try and give my face a little break from such high coverage. My brows are unruly and I’ve just been filling them in slightly and then using the H&M Eyebrow Fix which I have raved about numerous times before. They have changed the packaging at least 3 times since I started using it though.

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I’ve been wanting to share my morning/evening routine on here for a while now. I didn’t necessarily want to do a generic this is what I do post.

I love watching routine videos on YouTube and I’d probably go as far as saying some of them are my favourite ones to watch! I stumbled across this tag on Rosie Mae Aroha’s blog and thought it was a slightly different way of letting you in to what I do!

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The August Birchbox came in a little bag and not a box which pleases me a lot!

I’ve been getting the little birchbox for a while now. Although it’s my first subsciption box thingy so I have nothing to compare it to, I blooming love it. It’s like a mini Christmas every time I receive it, and who doesn’t love getting presents?!

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Getting all my summer smiles out in the face of the day this month! I’m so content with life at the moment. I’ve had a lot of good news recently, and it’s made me very happy.

My ‘not natural, natural’ makeup takes me about 30 minutes to do because I’ve finally got it down to a fine art and my makeup is finally all organised in my lovely Alex Drawers.

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