We stayed in a Castle!

27th May 2016
Le Manoir de Beaumarchais

I’d had my eye on Le Manoir de Beaumarchais for a while now, after spotting it as a hotel close to Disneyland. When Chris decided last minute that we were going on a eurotrip, I agreed, but only if we stayed here. I’m quite clearly easily pleased. After a day at Disney, imagine driving up to this view! It’s literally a castle. I felt like I was in…

Travel Makeup Essentials

18th May 2016
Travel Makeup Essentials

I’m one for overpacking, I’m not even going to deny it. My mum was always one of those “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” mums. I think I may live like that in everyday life too ?. Even when I pack for a one night stay I’ve usually got at least 3 outfits ‘just incase‘. The same goes for…

Catch Up with our America Vlogs

16th May 2016
America Vlogs | Bunn and Games

Our America Vlogs are all live on YouTube! I’ve finally got around to editing our final vlog from our America Road Trip last year. Don’t shout at me, technology is to blame, promise. We had the most amazing month, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. We’re currently, literally as I write this, seeing if we could go back and do another road trip. It is…

Weekly Roundup #1

9th May 2016
Weekly Roundup

this week on instagram I’ve wanted to do one of theseย Instagram posts but when it comes round I haven’t actually put anything on Instagram haha! I go through love hate phasesย with Instagram but I think I’ve finally found a theme I’m happy with and that’s what has been bugging me for so long. I didn’t want the normal and I managed to make my own, which so far…

5 places I’d rather be right now

4th May 2016
Bora Bora -

Seing as I’m stuck in lovely rainy, hailstoney, snowy, can’t make it’s mind up what season it is England; why not have a bit of wanderlust? I am forever looking at where we should travel to next and constantly add places and things to the list. I’m a massive home bird but love to travel so really I’m a massive contradiction. I love the freedom of travel, the…