Eurotrip | Roundup

29th June 2016

I thought seen as though our Eurotrip is sadly coming to an end, I’d do a quick round-up of all the posts me and Chris did to maybe help someone along our way! It’s a mixture of places we visited, places we stayed, what we did there and random little things that might give you a hand if you’re planning your very own Eurotrip.…

Shower Essentials | Travel Basics

24th June 2016

I’ve mentioned quite a lot of my blog that I struggle with packing light! One thing I actually do really well with no overpacking is toiletries! I like to think it’s because I’m a really well traveled women and all that but the reality is that I know if I run out it’s not hard to find shower gel & shaving foam in other countries!…

Holiday Nails

20th June 2016

I’ve been loving all the colours on my holiday nails. Over the past month I’ve had bright colours, grey for pretty much a full week and pastel colours galore. I don’t think I’ve ever kept continuously painting my nails for so many consecutive days because once it chips I usually just get annoyed and either, take it all off or just pick it off and have gross nails…

FOTD #6 | Holiday Evening Edition

17th June 2016
I need to lose weight

Today’s Face is the main look I’ve been creating each ‘going out night’ on holiday so far. The nights where we are heading out for a nice meal. I feel like I’ve got to look like I’ve made an effort but not tryed to hard, everyone clearly knows it’s taken me over an hour to get ready but oh well.…

Poolside Essentials

13th June 2016
Poolside Essentials

I feel like a right lady of leisure at the moment with all this swanning around I seem to be doing. But being pale, I’ve got to prepare to not burn! So I thought I’d share with you my simple poolside essentials and get some tips from everyone as well.…