7 Things to do in Vegas when you’ve hired a car

2nd July 2018
Vegas with a Car

Considering the first time we visited Vegas we booked 3 days before we flew, this time we had a little bit longer to plan. We did our research and read recommendations on places to visit and things to do. This is my list of things to do and places to go in Vegas when you’ve hired a car. I wouldn’t say you definitely need a car to do…

Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel | Disneyland Paris

10th March 2018

We recently decided on a VERY last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. As we’re Annual Pass holders we tend to save staying in one of the onsite hotels for special occasions and events. So saying that when we looked for a hotel for this trip it was the Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel that popped up at being the best price. It was a 4* hotel and ended…

Afternoon Tea at Home

22nd August 2016

I love visiting quaint little cafes for afternoon tea. Not that it’s a major past time for me but it’s definitely something I enjoy doing when I can. Something I’d never actually tried to do myself before was recreate and afternoon tea setup at home.…

Tips for Travelling with Anxiety

6th July 2016

I wasn’t sure whether to write this post. I feel like in my blog posts and our vlogs I make it look so easy. It’s so simple to cut out the bad bits in a vlog & only put the fun bits everywhere. That’s my aim because I like to be completely positive, I want to look back on times when I’ve travelled and remember “oh yeah, that…