First off, I want to give an immediate high five to The package was actually addressed to my dogs, Olly & Izzy. This for me gets a straight 5 points because little things like that please me no end. Not that they care, but I do!

I’m not sure if Olly knew what it was; but from the moment the postman delivered this he was swarming me and kept circling around me, I’m guessing it smelt of all the good stuff inside (for him, not me, no thanks!). Either that, or I’ve found myself a psychic dog. Review View Post

I was gifted these items by in return for this blog post. All views are my own and completely honest. You can read my disclaimer here

My nails this week were a panic paint (that’s a thing now) when we found out about my brother in laws graduation and I had nothing but black to wear! I didn’t want to look like I was going to an interview or something so I needed some colour. I also found out I own too many pink/red and very dark nail varnishes!

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My love for herbal and green teas has completely grown since the beginning of the year when I started eating better and having a generally healthier lifestyle. At first I started with the generic green tea and like everyone had told me it’s ‘got an acquired taste’. Then I discovered the world of flavoured ones! This stuff does wonders for my sleeping and energy but also my skin got so amazing within a week of starting drinking them!

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In my 6 month goals post I mentioned we needed to sort an office. This has actually happened a lot faster than I’d anticipated. It gets my goals off to a very good start though! Two trips to Ikea later and many more planned, we kind of have an office in our house (there will be a post when we’re finally happy with it!). It’s now my job to make it actually work as an office and not just a room with desks in. I’ve put together a wishlist in the hope I’ll actually manage to grab some of the bits off it in the next couple of weeks!

There are things on here for both myself and Chris, so bare that in mind haha! I’d love the office to be a quirky and fun work place and not just blank and boring. I got some Alex Drawers from Ikea as my desk is also going to be my dressing table. I’m not sure how I’m going to organise my makeup in them so ideas would be more than welcome!

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I wasn’t sure whether to write this post. I feel like in my blog posts and our vlogs I make it look so easy. It’s so simple to cut out the bad bits in a vlog & only put the fun bits everywhere. That’s my aim because I like to be completely positive, I want to look back on times when I’ve travelled and remember “oh yeah, that panic attack I had there, but look at all the good stuff we did!”. Travelling with Anxiety is not fun at times, but I’ve found a couple of ways to make hard times much more bareable!