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Meet my dogs..

18th May 2015

So my baby girl has just turned 3 so I thought it would be the perfect time to write this post and let you all know a little bit about our two rascals. Why we picked them and where we found them.…

What I found in the Primark Sale

12th May 2015

I can’t be the only blogger that feels the need to take photos or swatch something I’ve bought before I wear or use it, or am I? We popped to the Metrocentre last week and I initially went in looking for a pair of shoes/sandals, the ones I popped here. But with no luck, and I’m going to search my local Primark for them. Also, it’s 2015 why…

Music to my Ears.. Summer!

9th May 2015

The weather seems to be getting so nice lately and I love summer music, I can only listen to a select few slow songs when it’s sunny (is that weird?). I was putting together a little playlist of songs for the car and decided to share them. Some of them are sentimental songs (if that’s a thing) some are new ones and some are just golden oldies that…