Hi! My name is Helen and I’m 26 eek! I live in the North East of England. I’m married and have two pooches (who you’ll probably see a lot of).

I started blogging back in September 2014 on a whim. After wanting to do it for a while I sucked it up and made my own blog.

A bit about me personally

I’m a worrier that loves adventure. I’m a Marketing Director with a creative touch. I love Disney but that won’t be a complete shock if you’re a regular reader! I’m a stay in with a film kind of gal, but I’m very rarely asleep before 3am. I’m sold instantly on anything aesthetically pleasing.

So what can you find here?

This blog has a little bit of everything really. Dog outfits, make up posts to my favourite recipes or Chris & I’s latest spontaneous trip!

I enjoy writing about what I love in life. So, if there is a product I love then I come here to rave about it. If I feel fancy in an outfit then I like to share it on my blog. A recipe that I keep making over and over because its delish, then I want to tell everyone to try it. But also with some cute dogs, wishlists and travel documenting thrown in.

A lucky dip with a bit of everything, but something for everyone.

If you have any questions or queries about anything then please do not hesitate to pop an email over to me on or you can chat to me over on my social media. Download my media kit here.

About me_hrbx
About me_hrbx
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