7 Things to do in Vegas when you’ve hired a car

2nd July 2018

Considering the first time we visited Vegas we booked 3 days before we flew, this time we had a little bit longer to plan. We did our research and read recommendations on places to visit and things to do.

This is my list of things to do and places to go in Vegas when you’ve hired a car. I wouldn’t say you definitely need a car to do all these. You can get ubers and things but I’ll just say it’ll make your life a little easier.

None of these involve drinking so also if that’s not your thing or if you’re a family then these work for you too!

Vegas with a Car
Vegas with a Car

Seven Magic Mountains

I’ll start of with the insta famous one. The Seven Magic Mountains is around half an hour give or take from vegas. It is in the middle of the desert, old school western style but with some random coloured stones stacked up there. It’s free which is always a bonus in Vegas when you feel like all you do is spend money.

Don’t wear sandals and take water. You’ll probably spend all of 15-20 minutes at the Seven Magic Mountains but you will get allllllllll the instagrams here.

Fashion Show Mall

Shopping in Vegas is everywhere. Every hotel you go in and everywhere you walk. Parking at the Fashion Show Mall is one of the only places in Vegas you can still park for free. The food court is really good, especially the Philly cheese steaks!

Theres everything you need under one lovely air-conned roof. Sephora, Forever 21, Apple, bath and bodyworks etc etc. You could potentially spend a full morning or afternoon. We did find the sales that were on weren’t half as good as the outlets though.

Vegas with a Car

Pinball Museum / Hall of Fame

This was nostalgia central for a 90’s kid. Chris and I got quite competitive too!

The nicest way to describe this is a warehouse full of old school pinball machines with a couple of other favourites thrown and a photo booth for good measure.

Bar maybe 2 other people we had the whole place to ourselves and spent maybe $10 and we were there for a whiiiiiile. The machines are all old prices so about 25 cents a turn so it’s a cheap day out and a break from the strip too. Highly recommend!


I mean, a British person not going to Walmart when in America? Nah mate. I know it’s basically ASDA, but also IT’S NOT.

They have like 50 different flavours of m&m’s, cereal packets bigger than a sack of potatoes and obviously all the candy you could ever need or want.

Get yourself to the Walmart near the airport, there’s even a McDonalds inside!

Vegas with a Car

Gamblers General Store

This was a Chris find. If you’ve got any souvenirs at all that you need to buy, they will be cheaper here than anywhere on the strip. They’ve also got a lot of chips and cards that were used in the Strip Casinos and are now out of circulation.

Take a trip to the Gamblers General Store and then pop to Luv-It Frozen Custard afterwards. Bonus tip there!

Las Vegas Premium Outlets North

By far the best prices we found in Vegas on clothes and shoes was at the North Outlets. It’s $5 to park if you’re not a Nevada resident but it’s definitely worth it.

There is a Michael Kors outlet, Kate Spade, Nike and Adidas. The Coach shop was verrrrry busy both times we went. Also, theres a Disney outlet that had Christmas decorations for $2.99, yes then!

There is something for pretty much everyone plus a Cheesecake factory ๐Ÿ˜.

Vegas with a Car

Vegas with a Car

Vegas Sign

What’s a trip to Vegas without a trip to the Vegas sign? Last time we went around lunch time and there was a massive queue in front of us including a bride and groom. So, it wasn’t the greatest experience in the blaring sun.

But on our last night, we’d seen a Cirque show and realised we hadn’t done the Vegas sign. We got there around quarter to midnight and we were the only ones there. Although it’s harder to get pictures, the famous Vegas sign with all the neons on was definitely an experience!