5 Things I wouldn’t do again on an American west coast Road Trip

12th February 2018

Oh heyyy! We’re planning another American Roadtrip and it got me thinking about things we did the first time round that we’re pretty sure we won’t be doing again. We loved our first American holiday, so much so we’ve been talking about when we’d go backever since but house renovation got in the way of things; first world probs 🙄

I’ve put together a little list of 5 Things I wouldn’t do again on an West Coast American Road Trip.

5 things American Road Trip

San Francisco

We loved our trip to San Fran, we got to play in Musée Mécanique which San Francisco’s Antique Penny Arcade. We saw the seals at Pier 39. Unfortunately the reason we wouldn’t return is tbh quite petty, but it’s the Weather. The sites we wanted to see were the Twin Peaks & the Golden Gate bridge. Unfortunately the well know San Fran fog had completely dropped and left us unable to see either.

So for us even though we loved what we got to do there; the unreliable weather paired with the preeettttty hefty hotel and parking price tag, there just isn’t enough to pull us back to San Francisco.

5 things American Road Trip

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara was really only a stop gap between San Fran and LA but we definitely booked the wrong hotel. We didn’t realise when booking that we were staying in a random Airbase and nothing was open past 9pm. It was also massively ghost town esque after 10ish. Plus we had no idea where we were. Totally our fault though.

5 things American Road Trip

5 things American Road Trip
The reason we would probably give this a miss on future trips is just the lack of us stuff there was. By that I mean stuff Chris & I would enjoy. We got some goooood food on the pier which overlooked the water. But when we were there everything seemed to be closed. The one thing Chris was pushing for, The Town Hall, was also closed and left us with nothing to do but people watch. We did have a bit of a drive out to a different beach to watch the Sunset which was beautiful, but I couldn’t tell you where that was either.

Whale Watching

Hand in hand with Santa Barbara, the whale watching trip we went on. Tbh this was our sole reason for stopping off at Santa Barbara. Whale watching specifically in Santa Barbara was on my bucket list ever since I’d seen the episode of The Hills where they are all sat in their condo (livin’ the life) and spotted Whales in the Ocean.

5 things American Road Trip

It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend Whale watching here, I 100% whole heartedly would. When we booked our voyage if you will, the lady in the ticket office told us it was “baltic out there on that boat“; so we packed for the weather. Both Chris & I took spare clothes, layers and even spare shoes. This was the only day we got sunburnt on our whole trip. It was scorching. Paired with Chris not being 100% sure if he was sea sick wasn’t the best combo. We managed to see a hammerhead shark and a Whale with her calf.

I happily ticked something off my bucket list but it’s a lot of waiting, as you’d imagine, to see something you might not even get to see. It was a day well spent but also 6 hours of my life I’ll never get back. We’re glad we did it because it was a really cool experience, its just not something we feel the need to do again.

Sea World

Now, I’m just going to say this. I didn’t want to go to SeaWorld. I think the inquisitive side of Chris took over and it was part of a package we booked. We actually really enjoyed the day except the Orca show. Bare in mind we had been Whale watching before our San Diego trip. As soon as I saw them I bawled my eyes out. We’d watched Blackfish already and knew the awful stuff that was on there but nothing truly prepares you for the real thing. They had such a small pool and I just kept thinking how free the whales we had seen were and that this was barely a bathtub in comparison.

Putting that aside there was a lot more to do including a few rides. In my opinion I think SeaWorld would actually cope really well on the businessy side of things without the Orcas because it just felt like it was just a side line thing they were dabbling in. I’m so glad that SeaWorld can no longer breed their Killer Whales and I can completely see why. I definitely won’t be taking a trip back.

LA Sites Tour

It goes without saying that yes, yes we were pulled into one of those massive touristy traps. We liked the tour but the majority of it just felt very intrusive. We were on the bus to see the main sites, the Hollywood sign and the popular Celeb hangouts.

5 things American Road Trip

In reality though, it just felt like we kept parking outside of random Houses. Apparently ‘celebrities’ houses, but it just felt a bit weird. I’m not sure if it was just me but I didn’t like the proximity of how many times these random buses would just park outside of what is potentially a randoms house and people taking photos.

We didn’t see any famous people and then our tour guide got quite stand offish with a family who got off his bus and didn’t tip him. He started shouting how rude they were down the street and in the end probably cost us about $100 for nothing more than a couple of houses in the distance and a picture of a far away Hollywood sign.

Is there anything you’ve done on a West Coast American Road trip that you didn’t like?
Or even anything you’d recommend us to try on our next trip?