This years go-to Berry Lip

5th December 2017

Usually I’m so much of a heavy coverage, winged eyeliner kinda girl. I’ve really been enjoying the no make-up make-up. It saves me time which is a bonus. Only like 10 minutes but that’s a solid extra 10 minutes in bed for me ๐Ÿ˜

I’ve been going a lot lighter with my foundation to try and give my face a little break from such high coverage. My brows are unruly and I’ve just been filling them in slightly and then using the H&M Eyebrow Fix which I have raved about numerous times before. They have changed the packaging at least 3 times since I started using it though.

Berry Lip

MY go-to Berry Lip ————————————————————————

I have been using the Urban Decay Naked Pallette but chopping and changing between the colours; keeping it pretty basic so I could go all out on my lips. I have been absolutely loving using Colourpop’s Saturday Ultra Matte Lip. It’s as if my lips are the only part of my face that don’t get dry when it gets cold.

I got quite a few things from Colourpop a while back when they had a deal on (guess who got a customs charge so it wasn’t that much of a bargain in the end๐Ÿ™„). Saturday has been the one I’ve been reaching for the most at the moment. I loves me a dark lip, and tbh this colour is ideal for throwing on and making it look like you spent so much longer doing your makeup. It takes your makeup game up a solid 2 points.

Also, it’s not a drying out your lips kind of matte either and hasn’t faded on me yet. I’ve tested it with a tgi’s and it stayed put too, huuuge bonus!

Berry Lip

I just think this colour is the perfect dark berry lip, and I am well and truly smitten. What do you think?