Youtube | Currently Watching #1

24th March 2016

Along with all the “usual” youtubers I watch, I love finding new channels. I go through fazes of not watching a certain channel, however I know to never unsubscribe because I’ll always end up back there binge-watching videos.

Youtube - Currently Watching -
These are a few of my favourites at the moment, but please let me know if you think there are any that I’m missing out on! I’m hoping to make this a series for when I find new youtubers or fall into the black hole we all know about.


youtube currently watching -

You’ll notice a theme with all of these channels, they all weekly vlog. I love Jess’ channel, her weekly vlogs have become a highlight to my week! (cringe). There’s something homely about her accent and the way she chats, but you’ve got to check out her other videos too. I love the relaxed feel she has in all of her videos. Also, who can beat a bit of Car-eoke?! Such an underrated channel.

Rosanna Pierce

youtube currently watching -

I wish I could do make up as well as Rosie! She is insane, and I think I pretty much always try a look from her. She is my go to at the moment for make-up looks. But I think my favourite videos are her weekly vlogs. They’re chatty and chilled, it’s like you’re listening to a friend and I think they’re the best kind of videos!

Miss Budget Beauty

youtube currently watching -

I presume by now everyone knows who Mikhila is, and if you don’t you’re missing out. Her main channel is reviews, get ready with me videos and hauls. She’s totally honest about products, if she doesn’t like them you’re not left in “the oh it wasn’t good but it might be a one off” limbo you can be with other youtubers. She puts products to the test fully! But once again, I love her weekly vlogs on Diary Of A Spendaholic. They’re family vlogs just following day to day life, and lifestyle style vlogs! Love them.

Are there any youtubers you love but people don’t know about? Let me know!