We stayed in a Castle!

27th May 2016

I’d had my eye on Le Manoir de Beaumarchais for a while now, after spotting it as a hotel close to Disneyland. When Chris decided last minute that we were going on a eurotrip, I agreed, but only if we stayed here. I’m quite clearly easily pleased. After a day at Disney, imagine driving up to this view! It’s literally a castle. I felt like I was in my very own Disney fairytale.

We’d only just pulled up when a lovely lady came outside and greeted us, showed us in and showed us up to our room. She only knew a little English, so bear that in mind if you were to stay here, but we worked around it and it only took us a couple of minutes to get checked and it was pretty simple.

Le Manoir de Beaumarchais
Le Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de Beaumarchais

What Le Manoir de Beaumarchais has to offer

Our room was amazing, exactly like the pictures we had seen and more! Their attention to detail was amazing. There was old photos of the Manor plus pictures, of which I can only assume were family members or people who had grown up there. It all added to the theming, unintentionally. We felt like royalty, we had a huge bed, an amazing bathroom & more storage than my own room. This bedroom (if you can call it that) was like something out a film. The perfect mix of modern living and french chic.

Le Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de Beaumarchais

As we came down for breakfast the following morning, we were greeted by the same lady and she told us we could have breakfast out on the lawn if we would like. As the weather was lovely we went out and sat at one of the three tables on the “balcony”. She brought us our lovely dining set outs, followed by a bowl of mini french pastries, a baguette to share, numerous spreads & some vanilla yoghurts. We also got a coffee & some fresh orange juice. I can completely vouch and say you’d love it, It was delicious and disappeared just as fast as it brought to us.

We spent our only full day here, sat in the gardens on the free WiFi, albeit not great. The sun was shining and I couldn’t help but think that it would look just as stunning in the rain or snow!

We were surrounded by fields, trees, lakes and even a horse that was trotting up and down his field. As there are only 5 rooms, and everyone else had gone out, we felt like we had the place to ourselves. It was so peaceful & tranquil.

Le Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de Beaumarchais

We ran ourselves a lush bubble bath & hopped in. The bath fits 2, easily. That’s how huge it is! Hands down in my top 3 baths, ever. We had been given soap & shower gel in our room too, that’s always good for the times when you forget and leave them at home. We also had cute dressing gowns to use, adorable little touches.

Le Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de BeaumarchaisLe Manoir de Beaumarchais

After my two days of feeling like Rapunzel, it was time to leave after breakfast. A very simple checkout of handing the keys over and getting our receipt. A quick goodbye from the lovely lady (who I didn’t get the name of unfortunately) and we were off.

I will definitely be returning here, and I suggest you all visit there too. I promise it won’t disappoint. If you want to see what we did at Le Manoir de Beaumarchais, check out our YouTube channel!