Our Travelopo Villa in Mallorca | Cuxach

6th June 2016

Travelopo kindly hosted us in a villa in Pollença, Mallorca. After a week of full blown travelling, driving & lots of exploring; a relaxed week was more than welcome. Our ferry from Barcelona docked up at 5:30am and although we weren’t supposed to check in until 3 o’clock that afternoon, the lovely people over at Travelopo let us get our keys as soon as we arrived. The nap was very welcome & the bed was so comfy!

Mallorca Villa | Travelopo
The Villa itself was alot bigger than I’d expected. Sleeping six, but very easily. Not your usual snug, falling over each other kind of place. We chose the Master suite because it was the biggest. It was just upstairs which, including the ensuite, was the size of the whole upper floor. I loved the pillows on the big bench in there & the fact the shower was actually on the wall and not just a mixer tap that you had to hold above your head and hope for the best.

Mallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | Travelopo

But downstairs there was two additional bedrooms, one double and the other with two single beds. Another bathroom in between the two, which had his and hers sinks and the usual ‘facilities’. But also the coolest taps, I wanted to steal them for myself! There’s so many things that my pictures can’t grasp how pretty they were! It felt very Santorini-esque with the white wash walls, the wooden exposed beams and all the blue accessories everywhere!

Mallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | TravelopoMallorca Villa | Travelopo

Outside is kind of the most important bit because it’s usually where we spend most of our time! The pool was huge! It would fit 6 people and then some. I loved the fact it had automated ‘cleaners’ which were kind of like jets but cleaned the pool I’m pretty sure 3-4 times a day. We’ve stayed in villas before that Chris has had to get his pool cleaning net out each time we wanted to get in, so that was a massive thumbs up from us! There’s nothing worse than screaming every time something touches you (even though it’s quite funny!).

On the Travelopo site it had said in the description of our villa that there was an Orchard included and you could pick whatever you wanted from there. So, we went on the hunt. We came back with 2 oranges, a lime and a lemon the size of my head, no exaggeration whatsoever! We didn’t manage to find the avocados they’d mentioned but hey-ho!

There was also a decent size BBQ. One night Chris was actually still barbequing away at midnight when the sprinklers came on and soaked him! Cue him trying to save his frankfurters and getting soaked in the process! There’s also two tables with enough space for everyone. One glass “dinner” posh table, that extends. And the other was hardwood with two benches.

Mallorca Villa | Travelopo

Mallorca Villa | Travelopo

Mallorca Villa | Travelopo

I loved the little added touches, like the earl grey teabags in cute pots, fresh cut flowers outside and the fact we actually had toilet roll! If you’ve never stayed in a villa before just take my word for it that it’s amazing! We had free wifi included that stretched almost everywhere in the Villa, and a laundry room so we could wash all of our clothes from this far on our Eurotrip!

Thanks Travelopo for letting us stay in one of your villas & for making us feel so welcome in a home from home. If you’d like to see a more cribs style tour, check out this video.