Tips for Travelling with Anxiety

6th July 2016

I wasn’t sure whether to write this post. I feel like in my blog posts and our vlogs I make it look so easy. It’s so simple to cut out the bad bits in a vlog & only put the fun bits everywhere. That’s my aim because I like to be completely positive, I want to look back on times when I’ve travelled and remember “oh yeah, that panic attack I had there, but look at all the good stuff we did!”. Travelling with Anxiety is not fun at times, but I’ve found a couple of ways to make hard times much more bareable!


Do your research

With anxiety, you should feel alot more at ease if you have a brief outlook on where you’re going, what you could do and what your surroundings are. This could be as much or as little as you’d prefer, but having at least a little but of knowledge on what to expect will make you feel a bit more at home when you see ‘oh that shop‘ or ‘ooh this restaurant looks really nice‘.

Go with someone who knows about your anxiety

People not knowing about your anxiety can be a trigger in itself. Constantly worrying about having a panic attack and people thinking you’re weird or not knowing how to deal with it and just being stuck is never a fun feeling and could lead you to panic alone. I’m very lucky to have such an understanding husband, even though he doesn’t completely understand it, he knows if I start to panic to get me to a ‘safe place’.

It’s okay to visit the same place twice

One of my favourite holidays is very close to home and other than Disney, is probably my favourite place to visit. Port Pollenca is amazing! I don’t know if it’s because we had a private villa or that the port is very family orientated and peaceful but it’s a dream to go! You can see what we got up to here and here. I feel completely at home here now, and it’s kind of like a home from home, which is always what you want when travelling!


Pick the right accomadation

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a holiday. We met some amazing friends when we’ve stayed in hotels, and one who’s still a best friend now! But you definitely can’t beat the luxury and relaxation of staying in a villa. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, and you can even pick them up on ebay! Some good places to search are airbnb, homeaway or even Travelopo who we’ve stayed in all our Mallorca ones with! You get the freedom of your own place, but still down the road are all the spots you’d get if you were right on the beach!

Push yourself

There’s no point in travelling if you’re not going to experience new things! If I don’t push myself, Chris always does! I have my limits, just like everyone, but you’ve still got to live life! One of my all time favourite places we have visited is Las Vegas! It even sounds like a nightmare for someone who doesn’t have anxiety, but it’s honestly a place I could visit again and again. It’s never somewhere I would have chosen myself, but it’s a place Chris wanted to visit on our American Road Trip. It shows that doing something out of the ordinary you can make amazing memories!

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