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24th June 2016

I’ve mentioned quite a lot of my blog that I struggle with packing light! One thing I actually do really well with no overpacking is toiletries! I like to think it’s because I’m a really well traveled women and all that but the reality is that I know if I run out it’s not hard to find shower gel & shaving foam in other countries!

Travel Shower Essentials

Travel Shower Essentials – The Basics

Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner
No matter what kind of holiday you’re on, your hair gets dried out! My head/hair is pretty dry regardless but this doubles because of the sun & the stuff in the pool. My favourite is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer. I’ve tried a couple of the others in the range and I like them, however I always end up back at this one. Plus, it smells incredible

Moisturising Shower Gel
For the same reason as the shampoo and conditioner, get all the moisture! This goes hand in hand with an aftersun. I bought it in the hope it would help my tan, but still no tan. I think I should just give up now haha!

Travel Shower Essentials

Exfoliating Gloves
All the yes! Not only does this do the gross job of getting rid of all the dead skin cells; think of all the suncream you put on your skin during the day. Apparently this is actually good for helping a tan (once again, I wouldn’t know) but it helps with dry skin & getting all the product off before you go adding more!

Turbie Towel
As we all know, the best thing for hair is very little heat. At least using a turbie towel rather than just your average hair towel gets rid of most of the moisture out of your hair before you actually dry it. This minimises heat damage. You can actually sleep in these too and they won’t tear or damage your hair, double bonus!

What’s your shower essential when you go on holiday?

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