Throwback – #SummerLove

15th February 2016

Does anyone else have the struggle of needing a holiday whenever it’s cold in the UK? With all these storms hitting us hard, it makes me want some sun even more. I like looking at snow don’t get me wrong, but call me a scrooge, I hate cold feet!

I love a holiday and love new adventures! I’m missing the excitement of waking up and doing something new every single day.

One of my favourite holidays was only last year, a 2 week holiday in Corfu. One of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been. Pure blue seas, gorgeously warm sand, food of dreams and the friendliest locals. Seriously this place was an instagrammers dream.

Corfu -

Being unofficially the palest person, I was shocked when I actually got a tan on this holiday, albeit a very slight one. Definitely a first for me, so definitely a bonus. But for me my favourite memory from this holiday was by far the private boat we hired. There are so many untouched beautiful beaches that you can’t reach on foot and only by boat.

Corfu -

But by far the one thing you can’t escape on this island, not that you’d ever ever want to, is the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever set my eyes on. Relaxing on holiday is perfection, but when you can sit in a bar, cocktail in hand, watching the sun go down with the sound of the waves in the background and your better half next to you, does life get much better than that?

Have I sold it to you yet? If not, then hopefully this will. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words so let them do the talking.

Corfu -

Corfu -

Corfu -

I’d love to travel a lot more this year, I’ve still no idea where our next stop will be!

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