Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your house & You!

1st April 2016

Spring Clean -

5 simple ways to spring clean you and your house

1. Sort your cupboards & drawers – This could be the ones in your kitchen or just the ones in your bedroom. The ones with everything but what is supposed to be in there. It seems like a chore but you’ll feel so much better afterwards, promise. And don’t forget the colourful flowers!

2. Makeup Swaps – Berry tones need to go to the back of the drawer although it pains me to say (they may sneak back out). Outcome the peachy blush and more dewy, fresh make up.

3. Your Wardrobe – Remember that top that you’ve been clinging on too? The one you told yourself you’d get rid of but save for emergencies? GET RID! I recently went through my wardrobe and got rid of far too many clothes that I was keeping hold of ‘just incase’ or ‘just because’. My wardrobe is so much more organised now, let alone compact

4. Clothes – Although in the UK at times we do still need our winter coats, ditch the hefty clothes and try and bring in a pop of colour!

5. Skincare – Your skin changes in the winter to spring transition. I’ve opted for just simple coconut oil for everything. I love putting a layer on as a face mask, washing it off after 10 minutes but leaving a tiny bit on as moisturiser.

Have you got any other tips?