Bargain Spring/Summer Primark Scent

3rd June 2016

Let’s set the scene. I’m walking around Primark, looking to spend money on things I probably don’t need but really want. Everyone does this in Primark right? Anyway, I stumble upon the beauty section. The bit with all the other bits and bobs too (including a usb fan which I may have also bought), when I spotted the perfume section.

Now, admittedly I have had a Primark perfume before. At the time I didn’t have high hopes for it but I actually found myself reaching for it pretty much everyday. However this is going back a few years, so with Primark and there ever changing stock, they didn’t have the one I would have grabbed.

Primark Perfume - Spring/Summer Scent

Primark Paris 01 Roller Ball

After giving myself a scent-induced headache, I was down to two. I did the usual and asked Chris which one he preferred. He also did the usual of just telling me he liked both! I think the other perfume was the London 04 which was also really nice, but as we’re travelling alot at the moment, I went for this one. The Paris 01; in the cutest striped gold and white box & bottle. It might have been something to do with the roller ball and that’s a bit of a novelty for me. Who knew it actually makes life a lot easier, especially when you’ve got to pack light!

It’s a vanillary, sweet, lovely smell. But not overly sweet. I’ve found that it lasts a long time, but when it does fade the packaging is small and compact enough that I’ll usually have it in my bag ready to top up anyway!
Primark Perfume - Spring/Summer Scent

Have you tried any of the Primark perfumes?