Primark Brow Kit Review

12th March 2016

Primark Eyebrow Kit ReviewThrowing it out there, my brows are sisters not twins. On a previous post I actually said I was at the awkward growing out stage of my eyebrows, which turns out it was actually around 9 months ago! I’m a lot happier with them, but we’re still working on being pals.

That’s where this brow kit comes in. Let’s just say I’m shocked. I’m never one to spend ALOT on make up, usually as I can’t justify the price to myself. If I’m buying make-up for myself it’s going to be highstreet and Primark’s highstreet, right?

Primark Eyebrow Kit

Anyway, the kit comes with a gel (which I’ve dabbled with but I’mย not going to lie I’m a bit scared of), a light “brown” shadow and a deeper brown shadow. You can clearly tell which one I’ve used the most of!

Primark has just got it so right, for ยฃ2! Whoever makes these/selected the colours/decided to ever have a make up range in Primark needs a pat on the back and a high five! The shade I use, lets call it dark brown, is the perfect shade for anyone with brunette hair. It’s quite pale on first swipe but my first swipes are usually a general shape. Then when it’s filled in you can build it to an everyday, an evening or a special occasion brow. They’re all different, okay!

Not speaking from experience obviously but I’m pretty sure the light brown would be good for people with blonde-ish hair too.

Primark Eyebrow Kit Review

Left to Right; Gel, Light “Brown”, Dark Brown

I can’t say much for the tweezers as I haven’t actually tried them, but the tweezers I use are from Primark, so that’s always a good sign. I sound like a walking ad for Primark oops!

I use my real techniques brow brush to apply it and it’s so easy, definitely one to add to your collection if you don’t already have it. Paired with Rimmel eyebrow gel to set my brows in place. My brows stay put all day and we’re becoming friends more so now just because of this product!

Are there any other Primark beauty finds you think I should try?