Poolside Essentials

13th June 2016

I feel like a right lady of leisure at the moment with all this swanning around I seem to be doing. But being pale, I’ve got to prepare to not burn! So I thought I’d share with you my simple poolside essentials and get some tips from everyone as well.

Poolside Essentials
1. Sunscreen
Like I said, Im massively pale. I usually take a couple of different factors, 20 and higher. But they all tend to be Garnier Wet Skin as I found it’s the best and the fact I can put it on straight out of the pool means I always feel protected. Equally as important is aftersun, I opt for Vaseline’s, the best one I’ve found yet!

2. Sunglasses
Make sure to go for a pair with UV protection, I can’t even remember where I got mine from! I love them as they’re completely black on the outside, which means obviously they go with everything.

3. Hat
If you saw this post you’ll know this isn’t just for around the pool. But actually for packing light it’s the perfect piece. For obvious reasons it’s handy to have a hat but it can also protect you from potential sun stroke.

4. Tangle Teezer
I know it’s not great to brush your hair when it’s wet but I find this is the best way to minimise damage.

Poolside Essentials

5. Elastic hair bobbles
These are a staple in my day to day life anyway, but they make pools way less trouble on my hair. They don’t get stuck in your hair which is obviously a problem with wet hair. Also, pulling out half my hair isn’t my idea of a fun time.

6. Sandals / Flip-flops
Pools are usually surrounded by a tiled floor and falling over on holiday is definitely not what I want to be doing! Flip-flops are essentials on holiday but definitely around the pool

7. Cover Up
A must have and probably my most essential product below Sunscreen. Whether going for lunch or you feel like your slightly burning somewhere, grab something easy to throw on for your next holiday

What would be your poolside essentials?