24th July 2016

First off, I want to give an immediate high five to The package was actually addressed to my dogs, Olly & Izzy. This for me gets a straight 5 points because little things like that please me no end. Not that they care, but I do!

I’m not sure if Olly knew what it was; but from the moment the postman delivered this he was swarming me and kept circling around me, I’m guessing it smelt of all the good stuff inside (for him, not me, no thanks!). Either that, or I’ve found myself a psychic dog. Review

We, I’m going to say we because I play a part in this, received 3 things. Huntland Grain Free British Grazing Lamb with Pea & Mint Leaves, Pet Munchies Chicken Breast Fillets and Natures Menu Country Hunter Meals Rabbit & Cranberry. | Huntland Grain Free British Grazing Lamb dry dog food

This couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. We’d just got back from our Eurotrip and Olly and Izzy were refusing to eat the food they’ve always had. Point blank would look at me like ‘nope, not today mum’. We weren’t sure if they were sulking or my sister had accidentally picked up the wrong bag.

I measured out the correct amount, 150g each for my poochies, and they dove straight in. I was happy for 2 reasons, my dogs were finally eating again and the fact it didn’t have a funny smell like there usual does. This isn’t so much a problem for me, but my husband seems to be very squeamish when it comes to dog/cat food so would exit the kitchen every time the dogs were fed, meaning I was always cooking, problem solved. Two massive thumbs up from me and the dogs! Also, something I want to note is this food didn’t upset the pooches stomach and Izzy is quite sensitive to changes in her diet. Another bonus! Review Review | Natures Menu Country Hunter Meals Rabbit & Cranberry

Like I said, we have a squeamish man in the household. This means the dogs don’t get wet meat alot due to that and also the dog pumps. They’re not welcome in this house, no thank you, not today, not ever. I did a little experiment with this one, which Chris didn’t approve of. I asked him to dish this up for the dogs. This ended up with him saying ‘I already feel sick just looking at the tin’.

A little persuading later and he did. I smelt it straight out of the can, because I’m the epiphany of the muscles emoji apparently. He started dishing it up and actually said ‘it’s nowhere near as bad as any others and I probably wouldn’t run away if you gave them it in the future’. Slight progress. This was just before he put his finger in the jelly and it splashed him on his leg and he started squealing. I full on belly laughed but he still carried on, so little steps yeah?

As for the dogs sensitive stomachs; it didn’t affect them in the slightest! This is huge for us because there’s only one or two we can actually buy without this happening and they’re pretty pricey. Plus, no strange smells lingering and the dogs staring at each for who is to blame, which is always nice! Review Review | Pet Munchies Chicken Breast Fillets

I was curious about this one as soon as I saw it. Is it weird to be curious about something your dogs are going to eat? I actually smelt it, and it wasn’t bad! It smelt like just chicken, like i’d just cooked some chicken and it had gone cold. Another 10 points for not making my squeamish husband gag on the spot!

Do anyone else’s dogs hear the sound of a packet open from a different room and just appear out of nowhere? The dogs seemed pretty pleased with these and there were no scraps left on the carpet to jab me in the foot or for me to hoover up. I’d say that’s a success! These are definitely a different kind of different kind of treat for these two, they’re used to whatever I can grab on a weekly shop, but somehow these seemed to be demolished faster than usual. Review Review

Overall, I am so impressed with the products I received from and would honestly recommend them to anyone with dogs, especially ones with a bit of a sensitive tum! I loved the ease of it coming to my house and not having to make a mad rush back to my local shop when I realise that I haven’t added them to my shopping list!

I’m not even just saying this, but I’ll 100% be buying the Huntland Grain Free British Grazing Lamb with Pea & Mint Leaves in the near future and probably be venturing into what other things they have on the site too!