That escalated quickly | House Hunting

19th September 2016

I had a post all set to go up on the 27th August. All about how we were starting to look for a new house. Something a bit bigger than ours, with a garden. Potentially a forever home.

Here I am, with that post 100% not published but actually already in the process of surveys & solicitors.

We spotted a house on rightmove and set up a viewing. I remember before we got our first home around 5 years ago. We must have viewed over 10 houses before we fell in love with the one we call home.

So, we went out on a limb with going to see this house. We hadn’t even checked if we’d be able to get a mortgage (but more about that another time).

Turns out, we both fell in love with it. I tried to have my sensible head on as the house needs quite a lot of work. I’m currently calling it the green house as everything in it seems to be different shades of it.

Green carpets, emerald shiny wallpaper, niiiiiiice, ey?

The House

So, as it needs a lot of renovation; Pinterest is my best friend!

I think we’ve pretty much decided on grey as a running theme with hints of copper too! I’ve converted Chris and he’s now the one walking around Home Sense picking things out, bonuuuuus!

So, any inspiration or advice you’d like to throw our way would be very much appreciated!

I will be blogging & vlogging the whole process. Doing a house up together has always been something we’d wanted to do. Just not this soon, we were definitely in the right place at the right time!