My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup

27th April 2016

The idea from this post came from Buy Now Blog Later. When I read her post I literally laughed out loud, like actually LOL’d.

It’s simple – list out a series of beauty products and then sit back and listen to the perception of their purpose. Or in our case, I’ll let him fill it in himself, I won’t comment and won’t help in any way.

Chris has actually tried to do my makeup so could potentially have a head start but lets see.
My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup


This is the bricks and mortar of a house. It sets your face up ready to apply all the fancy things ontop.


The “Tango” of makeup. It’s a case of how orange do you want to look, or in Helen’s case, how to hide looking like casper the ghost!.


The little tub of solid powder that seems to go absolutely everywhere.


Magic cream to hide absolutely any skin breakouts. Even men should give this a go, it works wonders ๐Ÿ˜‰


This little block of solid Chocolate in a box that gives extra High Definition to your face.


The red stuff that makes you look like you’re blushing hence the name! Ive never quite understood the purpose of this stuff but Helen always packs it when travelling so it must be important.


Bright colour to put on your cheeks and forehead to make them shine. Just imagine you are using a highlighter to make some words stand out on a page, do the same on your cheeks and forehead…. You get the idea.


The black brush you pull out and paint onto your eyelashes. They’ve a habit of the paint drying up and being stuck inside, either that, or Helen just tells me this to justify buying hundreds of different Mascara’s.


An array of bold colours that you apply under your eyebrows usually purples or greens and make your eyes look like magic fairies.

Eye Kohl

Im not even sure what this is, it sounds like something the Egyptians would use! I’ll just have a stab that its used for your eyes to make them bolder

Brow Pencil

Little stubby pencil that you can use to draw them HD brows on! A little pencil goes a long way believe me I’ve learnt from experience attempting to do Helen’s makeup previously.


The bright red stuff that leaves marks everywhere! Come on everyone knows what lipstick is surely this doesn’t need an explanation.

Setting Spray

A magic mist spray that sets it all in place for the day. Just like hairspray once everything looks perfect.

BB Cream

Isn’t this male foundation or is this just what Helen likes to secretly tell me?

Watch the time Chris actually tried to do my makeup!