Moany Monday #1

2nd May 2016

Moany Monday is a place for me to ramble and rant about things that annoy me or pet peeves. Not too deep & not too serious. Just somewhere for me to get them out there and then get over them. I hope you laugh and don’t take them too seriously, maybe you might just agree!

Moany Monday #1 -

  1. People who say brought and not bought? You either bought it from a shop or brought it from a shop. One is very illegal!
  2. Colds, it was summer for like 2 days, who decides that the second it starts raining again I get ill?
  3. Hayfever, kind of goes hand in hand with the above. Not appreciated, not necessary, not stopping me sneezing though!
  4. Drivers who don’t indicate! A generalisation I know, but for someone who’s very recently passed their driving test I get far too annoyed at this!
  5. People who don’t like Friends, like how can you not like Friends?! Chris doesn’t like it and never understands my references so I’ve started dropping them into conversation and occasionally shouting PIVOT at him.

Come on, let something off your chest in the comments. You’ll feel better for it!