Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes

27th July 2016

I can’t believe I’m only just getting around to writing this post. I’ve had the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes since my birthday last November! I guess you could say I’ve given them a proper test, considering I’ve had them just short of a year!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes

Now, obligotorary apology for my dirty brushes. I always grab these brushes when I’m doing my makeup, so as soon as they’ve been cleaned they’re dirty again. So really, you could say that it’s a good thing? I’m going to go with that anyway.

Let’s throw it back to last October, when everyone asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I always have a list of stuff that I’d like up until someone puts me on the spot of what I want.

My brother is a shop online kinda guy, so when I saw the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes on offer online, I linked him on classy old facebook, and they actually turned up a few days later! I looooove fast delivery, I’m the sort of person who wants stuff here/done yesterday!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes

I can’t describe how pretty these brushes are. That’s obviously the first thing I judged them on. I’d never had Makeup Revolution brushes before, so I had no idea how good the quality was and whether they’d actually be any good.

Oh, they’re good. Not just good, they’re unreal. They’re so, so, so soft. When they’re clean I like to just stroke them on my face because they’re so soft; should I be admitting that?! Oh well.

They blend makeup so nicely; I’ve never had a single bristle fall out, which in my opinion shows the quality in itself.

I couldn’t even name a favourite out of the set because they’re all so different. The pencil brush fyi is perfect for packing on that eyeshadow colour. The Contour Foundation Brush is totally different to anything I’ve had before but I use it more for blending out contour and not it’s proper purpose because I apparently like to break the rules.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution brushes? Or any similar beautiful ones?

You can get the full set here, but you can actually buy them separtely if you just want to try them. I’m pretty sure you can get them instore at Superdrug too.

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