A Makeup-Free month | What I learnt

7th October 2016

In September I unintentially managed to do a full month of being makeup free. Give or take a day or 3.

I’d love to say I have makeup free days to let my skin breathe and yada yada. But truthfully it’s because some days I’m just far too lazy to slather stuff on my face.

A Makeup Free monthfind this makeup here

What I learnt from my Makeup Free month

You still gotta moisturise (this might be a given but, lazy). Dayum, do I have dry skin.

You still get spots and annoying blemishes. Especially at THAT time of the month. You just don’t cover them! HA

You do save a bit of money. Simply because you don’t need to replace stuff you’ve run out of. This really doesn’t count though, when allllll the new pretty makeup comes out and you still need buy it!

You don’t actually have more time. Somehow I seemed to rush out the door at the last minute like always. Maybe I did actually just stay in bed a little longer. It didn’t really make that much difference, and I still failed to have breakfast most days. That ‘just 5 more minutes’ must have turned into ‘just another half an hour’.

Granted you don’t get that end of day taking off your makeup feeling. You can rub your eyes whenever you want though, and you have no makeup to smudge and ruin. Yes, yes, yes please.

My makeup table is just as messy as when I do my makeup most days. Maybe because I don’t sit at it that nothing gets put away. But I know where everything is ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™„

All in all, I actually prefer wearing makeup. I bloody love an autumnal lipstick. I clearly need to realise I have to moisturise everyday because I’m awful for it. But the odd makeup free day is good, even if it’s just for the feeling of rubbing my eyes haha!

Do you have makeup free days sometimes?