Ebay Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

22nd June 2016

A while back the blogging world went a little bit crazy for the Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaner. A sort of rubber glove with different textures to thoroughly clean your brushes, with minimal effort. I then saw bloggers finding dupes like an oven glove from IKEA (genius) but I never got round to buying one. Eventually I bought one from eBay, a 99p bargain, although a little smaller than I expected it definitely does the job!

Ebay Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

ebay makeup brush cleaner

I got sick of getting freezing cold/boiling hot hands when cleaning my brushes. It was always a massive chore to do them, and I’m ashamed to say it’s why I very rarely did. It’s minging and it needed doing! Even though the Makeup Brush Cleaner took about 2 weeks to arrive I used it as soon as it did! I used it with the always trusty baby shampoo, my life has revolutionised!

I now actually clean my brushes on the regular and it takes me a third of the time and they’re actually cleaner than when I’d do it all by hand! I still use my dettol hand soap to clean my beauty blender but this handy little tool does every single brush amazingly! The fact it has so many different patterns is perfect, it has really small ones, big stars, ridges. It cleans my lip brushes just as well as it cleans my big powder & blush brushes.

Ebay Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

If you’ve been considering buying a makeup brush cleaner, whether it be one of the pricier ones or even one of the bargain ones, get your hands on this 99p one! It even has a handy attachment on the back that makes it really easy to hold or it actually sticks to your sink, so you have both hands to clean your brushes!